Roller Blinds

Enhance your Gold Coast property with custom Roller Blinds

Looking for quality soft furnishings? Find a stylish collection right here at Globe Interiors.

With a wide variety of colours, textures, and widths available, ordering the perfect pieces for your space is simple. Diverse fabric designs give you ultimate control over the look and feel of the interiors, enabling you to create beautiful scenes that tie in with the surrounding decor.

Enhance your Gold Coast property with custom roller blinds.

While our soft furnishings come in standard sizes that fit most windows, there’s plenty of room for customisation. Unlike in Europe, Australia’s windows have no standard dimensions, which often means a tailored fit is required to achieve the perfect look.
Out of all the options within the Globe collection, rollers are the easiest to customise. A style that fits under our Verticals category, you can opt for lengths and widths that cover floor-to-ceiling panes, sliding doors, and hard-to-reach areas.

Select a mechanism that suits your lifestyle

Once you’ve selected the fabrics and dimensions, the next step is to decide how you’d like to operate your pieces. Both manual and remote-controlled styles are available, giving you the option of interacting with your pieces directly or from a distance.

Choose the configuration that best suits you, or continue to explore our full selection of Gold Coast modern blinds for even more designer options.

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